Middle School Bible


I’ve struggled with finding a great bible curriculum for my kids through the years. My hands down, 100% favorite is the Sword Study series from the National Bible Bee. It’s amazing. We love it. But, we’ve done 3 of them over the past two years, and we needed something different this year.

My requirements:

1. Emphasis is on the bible. Not a workbook. Not a bunch of excerpts from the bible.

2. Some application, absolutely, but also an emphasis on context and interpretation.

3. Focusing on prayer as well.

Last year we used the bible that was in conjunction with our Sonlight Core. It was fine. We read and discussed. But I wanted more this year.

So… I made my own… and I love it!!!


I used resources on hand: our Sonlight reading schedule, a copy of Balancing the Sword I had on hand, and a worksheet that I made.

I love it!

Here’s how it works:

1. Check the Sonlight schedule and mark the date and passage on the worksheet.

2. Complete ACTS prayer before starting.

3. Record prayer requests.

4. Complete the Balancing the Sword questions for the passage.


5. SPECS out the passage. (SINS to confess, PROMISES of God, EXAMPLE to follow, COMMANDS to obey, and STUMBLING BLOCKS to avoid).

6. Record any application points from the passage.

All-in-all, it takes about 15-20 minutes to work through a passage. I love the combination of prayer, comprehension, and application. I like that the kids have to understand what they’re reading, and a little heart searching application. I love that it uses stuff we already have.




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