Week in Review – 15 August

Its been a long week and I’m pretty amazed that we got done as nuch as we did. As my beloved DH says, “Don’t borrow anyone’s stuff.” – meaning mental stuff like grief or indignation. It’s been a challenging week for that. I’m praying, grieving, and sad over local events, but I can’t take on someone else’s stuff. Some days I wish I could at least help with it. Lots of people carry heavy burdens. Please be kind.

This week was our actual, first, real, full week of school. No travel. No stuff. A full week. It was pretty great! 7th and 8th grade – watch out! (As a side note – the bracelet on the clipboard is kind of a joke… My threat is that a bad attitude gets you the bracelet… for the WHOLE day…. church… TKD… etc… I also have a fat, pink Justin Beiber one too. I haven’t had to use them…. yet…. LOL!!!)


Math. Well, math is math when you hit middle school. Big is in Algebra 2, Little in Algebra 1/2. Tests are Friday and Big is scurrying through hers as I type. I think I did OK. [ETA – I didnt. Waaah!] I got a 98 on the Algebra 1/2 test today. I didn’t round to 2 digits so I got some partial credit. Thanks John Saxon for that!


We finished our Bible Bee sword study last Friday, so now we’re in study mode for the Bee test next weekend. We have 1 small passage left to learn, and review for the others is going well. We have 3 goals for the Bee: finish the study, memorize all the verses,  take the test. We’re getting there and I’m proud of the kid’s efforts.


So,  I have to share our favorite part of our school day… CNN student news. It’s awesome. I can’t believe we never knew about this!  10 minutes each school day. Free. Less biased than I expected!

One thing the news has highlighted was our deplorable knowledge of Middle East geography.  We’re addressing that… I have a whole post on this…


I do love our new method of bible study. I’ll write a whole post on it, but it’s awesome. Big fuzzy love.


My cool, relaxed, hands on science is kind of a fail. Big let me know that she doesn’t love it. The kids critique do far: fun, easy… but they learned a lot more worth BJU. My current plan is to finish this TOPS unit,  do a NASA unit,  then reevaluate. Likely we’ll do BJU in the winter when they have their sale and just do all the space stuff.


So that’s our week. Add in TKD, Scouts,  piano lessons and its a wrap!  Thanks for coming to visit!


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