Wilton 1 – Weeks 2 and 3

Big and I have thoroughly enjoyed our Wilton Cake Decorating class!! I talked a little about it in this post. Here’s the update pm Weeks 2 and 3…

I knew weeks 2 and 3 were going to be pretty tough for us, schedule wise. I knew we’d be finishing up our mission project on the night of Week 2, and we’d likely be returning for the final weekend, making baking and prep time tight for both Weeks 2 and 3. To prepare for this, I did a ton of brainstorming with DH, and we came up with a plan that involved picking up supplies at Sam’s Club near the class location. I went in a week before and talked with the bakery staff about my dilema. The lady working there was great and helped me make a plan – a CASE of 12″ plain, round cakes. We determined this was cheaper than buying 2 cakes (I thought they had to be layer cakes – they DON’T! – you need a 10″ round cake per participant for classes 2-4), so I ordered a case of cakes to pick up on our way to class the night of Week 2. We have used 4 of the case for the two classes – which was AWESOME for its timesaving – but I don’t think we’ll use the rest. They’re pretty greasy, sweet, and generally not our taste. For the price ($32/12) it was exactly what we needed to be able to do the mission trip AND the cake class.

The other issue we had with the schedule conflict was frosting… and again Sam’s came to the rescue. We bought a HUGE (31#) tub of white frosting for about $30. Again, it was a splurge so we could manage the schedule. Their frosting is shortening rich, and thus, is shelf safe. We brought a tub with us and kept it with our sleeping gear in an air conditioned room. It was perfect – loads of frosting for class, and no refrigeration issues. Unfortunately, like the cake, we won’t eat the rest of it. We’ll use the frosting that’s left for fun and training – but the ingredient list isn’t a winner for us. I wish I had bought the smaller tub, as it would have been a money saver, but the reviews online were so AWESOME that I thought we’d eat it…. Not so much. On the bright side – it did keep us from eating any cake or frosting for 2 weeks!!

So, with our plan in place, we left our mission project Monday at 4:30, with our class starting at 6. We were a little rushed, and tired, but I am so glad we toughed it out. The class was great and these were our two cakes from the night…

My cake… with the underused “Happy Tuesday” sentiment! We sent it to work with DH and the guys ate most of it… Another sign the cake wasn’t great… LOL!!

This is Big’s. She used the clear gel piping transfer technique, as recommended by our instructor. We both felt the hole in the bag was way too big, making the transfer show through. Not a technique we’d use again…

The next week we used our Case Cakes (LOL!) which had to be frosted and prepped before the class. (We learned the wonder of the waxed cake round – definitely better than the regular ones!!). This week we worked on some flowers, vines, and leaves.



I think our cakes came out GREAT this week! First is Big’s (keep in mind she’s 13 and this is her FIRST real cake class)….

And mine. Mine is definitely more boring and traditional than Big’s…


I have more pictures and updates for Week 4 and a final review, but before the final week I did try to work on my frosting recipe (less crisco – more flavor!) and started to watch youtube videos on The Wilton Rose… Here’s a preview of Week 4…




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