Wilton 1 – Week 4

So, this will be the final wrap of our adventures with our Wilton 1 cake decorating class. This final class was a big one – our final cake AND flowers! Big and I both had friends in mind for our final cakes, so we spent a lot of extra time and care with baking and frosting making. We made chocolate cakes with homemade chocolate buttercream (the recipes were both from the Hershey’s box – AMAZIING!!), as well as a couple of batches of “Wilton” buttercream. I did sub half butter for half the Crisco, as it just tastes a whole lot better.

So… Here are the final cakes!! Big’s was made for her piano teacher’s husband. It was his 85th birthday the day before the class. He *loved* it. Go figure. 😉 Awesome work for a newly minted 13 year old!!


And here’s my cake. One of my DEAR friend’s birthday was the day after our class, so we dropped hers off on the way home from class. She LOVED it. 🙂 Big and I found the color palette on Pinterest and we both LOVED it. Definitely a great match go with the chocolate frosting. I’d definitely use it again!


And here’s a rose close up. We learned 2 roses – the ribbon rose and the Wilton rose. I like both of them. Like cookie decorating, the consistency of the frosting is KEY, and the ribbon rose needed to be a tiny touch looser than the Wilton one. Big, a lefty, struggled with the ribbon rose (it’s a weird motion for lefties), but ROCKED the Wilton rose. So cool!!


Overall, we loved the class. We both enjoyed it so much that we are anxious to take the next class. It was a lot of fun to take it together. I am grateful that our teacher was a leftie, as that helped Big a lot. I think we’ll try to take the class at the new Hobby Lobby near our house. Saving 2 hours of driving per class would be AWESOME. And the big question – is it worth the money? I am a seasoned cookie decorator, and not a hack in the kitchen, and I learned a lot. I think it’s a GREAT investment and one a 12+ year old would enjoy and get a lot out of taking as a student. Could we do it at home? Yes. But really – would I ever make two cakes a week, and lots of frosting, and practice our techniques, and…. No. I would not. And some of the tricks I learned were totally worth the cost of the class. So yes – save those coupons for the class kit and the registration fee (I think HL usually has the classes at 50% off), and take the class!

Now, I just need to add it to our transcript – home-ec – oh yeah!!



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