Bible Bee 2014

It’s summertime at our house, and other than spending too much time at the pool, it can only mean… BIBLE BEE!!

This is our second summer participating in the Bee and we absolutely love it. This summer we are studying Jonah – which completely shocked me. We had a guessing contest at home and after researching we all thought it would be a short NT book. But NO!! It’s Jonah and we’re all really enjoying it.

Some added bonuses for this summer…

DH is home for the summer so he’s joining us for the study. Last year his schedule didn’t allow for joining us on the scripture memory or daily workbook assignments, but this year he can and it’s been AWESOME having him.

Our church has fully joined in on the Bee! All of the families with kids (OK, it’s a small church, but still!!) are participating, and the church is studying Jonah as a congregation on Sunday mornings. It’s been awesome to see the kids light up and really participate on Sundays. All in all we have our family and 7 other local families participating. Not all are prepping for the test and doing all the scripture memory, which is totally fine. We’re encouraging each other to study and memorize God’s Word so I’ll call that a win!

We’ve had 2 fellowships with the local families and they went great!! Last week we rented a Dunk Tank and the kids took turns dunking and being dunked. They were encouraged to recite verses to get the balls to dunk – or to steal the verse to keep from being dunked! It was a ton of fun and just a lot of silliness. I think everyone left feeling encouraged, which was our goal!

We’re heading into Week 6 today and we’re on track with our study and scripture memorization!

The second year is definitely easier than the first. I honestly think the materials are easier this year, so that’s part of it, but having familiarity with the process is definitely a plus. So, if you’re reading this and a little overwhelmed – hang in there! It gets easier!

I’m still adjusting to the new processes. I’m still struggling with the 10 weeks versus 12 weeks, LOL!! I am also still needing to get the final test site organized and proctors for the orals. I’m 95% there, but I need to finalize details before we travel again.

There you have it! Half way through the 2014 Bee, and again, I cannot encourage you and your family to participate enough!! 🙂


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