Home Ec – Wilton 1 Cake Decorating Class

Last night was the first night of the Wilton 1 Cake Decorating class that Big and I are taking. It was AWESOME!!! I’m so glad it worked out and that we had fun.

I was very worried the class would be a wreck after we had a bit of a scheduling issue. At 2 pm the day of the class, our instructor called (for a 6pm class) and informed me that our class was cancelled. Apparently one lady couldn’t make it until the following week… Someone else had to cancel.. Blah, blah. I tried to be polite but I was super irritated. It was already 2 pm, and we had already baked cupcakes and made frosting for the class, as well as having gathered a huge pile of supplies. Not to mention the class location is an hour and fifteen minutes away! I was fairly assertive in my refusal to reschedule – because we really couldn’t! The class is 4 Monday nights, and we have in our schedule.. 4 Monday nights. Not 5. 4. Which is why we were SO excited for the class.

Well, about 5 minutes after my assertive response, the instructor called and let me know the class was back on. Hobby Lobby management let it go based on our schedule issues (and I assume their class cancellation policy). YAY!!! Another reason to LOVE Hobby Lobby!!

Needless to say I thanked our instructor 100 times and gratefully didn’t have to inform Big we were cancelled. She was super excited about the class too. We took our giant box of stuff, cupcakes, and frosting and headed to Hobby Lobby!


When you register for the class (our fee was a sale price of $22.50/person, plus the cost of the class kit which was $34.95 but we used 40% off coupons so they were $21) you get a book with the syllabus and the the lists of stuff you need for each class. Even if you have gear (and I have a TON), the kit is important. It has exactly what the instructor needs to show you (I think the syllabus is super standard and “canned” but I really liked it!) and the practice cards are used a lot. You could definitely borrow a used kit if someone has one – but make sure it has everything in it before you go to class.


After learning some basics on bags, couplers, etc. we did a little field trip to check out the cake section of the Lobby. FUN!! (I spent too much money so their methods worked… LOL!!) Then we headed back and started working on practice cards with different tips….


As I said, I have decorated quite a bit and would consider myself an advanced amateur and I learned a lot. It was a LOT of fun and our instructor was great. OH – and HUGE God blessing – the instructor is a lefty – as is Big – so she was able to show her all the lefty tricks!! Sweet!!!


By the end of the class we had covered a LOT of ground. We used a bunch of tips (small/large dot, star tip, leaf tip, different large cupcake tips), learned to make good stars and rosettes, colored frosting, tried various frosting color tricks, and more. It was such a worthwhile investment of time and money.

But, as a good home decorator – would you need to take the class?

Yes and No. Yes, it’s a little costly. Or a lot depending on your budget. For me, I do MUCH better learning something in a class with deadlines. Yes, I can learn buttercream skills and stuff at home. I can make cupcakes and practice. But do I? Rarely. But, if I have a deadline of “make x amount of frosting and y amount of cupcakes for 6pm on Monday night”, then I’m good. It’s pretty lame, but it’s me. The deadlines, accountability and structure are all very good for me. Also, I have found that no matter how much I know on a subject — a few tips and tricks from a pro are almost ALWAYS worth the price of the class. So far, our instructor has totally proven that!

Lastly, both Big and I have piped, used buttercream, and decorated, but I wanted the class to be something “real” and “adult” for her. Learning to decorate from your mom is one thing… having your own class kit and being part of an adult class as a legitimate student is something totally different. It was fun doing it TOGETHER instead of her being my student. She did GREAT and really shocked the instructor. So, our time at home had paid off, but our time at our first Wilton class paid off in a different and totally fabulous way!!!


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