Chilling with Big


Little spent the night at a friend’s last night, so Big and I are having Girl Time. We had a sleep over on the couch last night while watching “Save my Bakery”. We’re pretty convinced Kerry Vincent adds fondant and sparkle sugar to everything and calls it good. LOL!! It is a clean and encouraging show, so we’ll keep it on the list. (FWIW, I LOVE the Cake Boss. Love him. Love the family. Love it!!).

This morning we decided we’d hit a local coffee shop for breakfast and to chill. They have great caramel bars and cold brew coffee, so I am totally IN!! We’re having a great time goofing on computers, reading, eating, and no we blogging.

Later we’ll head to the local Stinky Candle shop, which we LOVE. The boys hate it. It’s cute and arty and eclectic and it’s super excellently smelly. I am SO in!!!

Then, I’ll have to buck up and be an adult later. My craft area needs to be cleaned. We need to caulk Big’s room for an impending painting. Bathrooms need a scrub with company coming tomorrow. And it’s TKD night, so we’re gone from 5-7ish. But. it’s rainy and a “No Pool Day”, so I think we’ll get the list done. Maybe. I think a nap may be calling. 🙂


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