I had been wanting to make homemade croissants for a long time, so this weekend I finally tried it. This is a multi-day recipe, so here was my timeline:

Saturday morning-
The kids were at a friend’s house swimming and hanging out so I bought the white flour (I’m trying to have less on hand of the white stuff to make me use more whole wheat) and made the dough.

Sunday morning –
I made the flat butter squares and let them rest for a few hours, then my beloved and I did the 3 roll and fold iterations. The first one with the frozen butter was brutal. We laughed a lot about working off the pastries before we even baked them. Since I had made a double batch of dough (highly recommended, this is a labor of love and a double batch is much easier than doing it all twice). After the “roll, fold chill for 20 minutes, repeat three times” workout was done we let the dough sit for a few hours. Theoretically it was supposed to sit for 24 hours but I was getting hungry for a croissant!

Sunday afternoon –
Our final dough went into the fridge at about 9:30, and at about 5 we pulled a batch to roll to bake. I cut a blob in half and after an unsuccessful attempt at using my Kitchen Aid pasta attachment to roll the dough, we rolled it out by hand. I cheated and didn’t measure everything to the inch. We rolled, cut and let rest while we watched soccer…

Sunday evening –
Baking time!! Finally!! I did the recommended 2 pans and swap – which I would not do again. The bottoms, which essentially sauté in butter got too brown on the bottom rack, even with swapping. I think I might also bake them on a cooling rack over the parchment lined baking sheet to drain the butter and keep the bottoms from getting too dark. Good thing I have another batch to test stuff out with!!

Overall –
I would definitely make these again. They’re a MILLION times better than anything I can buy locally and other than being a little tedious, they’re not a difficult pastry to make. And the dark chocolate ones…. Insane!!!!!!!

The recipe and tutorial I used!


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