Math – I’m behind…


I’m not sure ANY amount of iced coffee will make catching up on grading fun…or tolerable. Ugh. Must make myself grade Little’s math every day!! LOL!!


Adventures in Homemaking

Big and I decided this week that we we would try again at making homemade mozzarella. I tried a while ago using this tutorial from Instructables, but it was a hassle. It sort of ended my desire to learn to make cheese…


Then, a couple weeks ago we went to a Williams Sonoma outlet store and picked up a cheese making kit for 1/2 off. It was such a great deal I couldn’t leave it (and my dear friend also wanted to learn – so i thought she might want it). So, with our older supplies from the previous mozzarella attempt and the new kit, we were ready.

I decided I’d google “how to make mozzarella” and a tutorial from the Pioneer Woman came up!! I love her tutorials as they are clear, have tons of pictures, and are funny. They’re so clear and easy that my kids have even used them to learn recipes.

We were set!!

As expected, it went great! The tutorial was spot on and in the end – the cheese was delicious!!! We forgot the salt, but it was still way better than store bought!

What’s the cost impact?
I paid $3.49 for a gallon of milk, and maybe $0.35 for rennet (bought on amazon) and citric acid (bought at Walmart in canning supplies) that made a little more than a pound of cheese. Store bought cheese was $7.49 for a pound of cheese on sale, normally $8.49. I reused some whey for bread – and that was also awesome!!

What’s the time impact?
I think I could easily make this in under 30 minutes. It is a little labor intensive, so it’s not a walk-away 30 minutes. Definitely a recipe I could make while homeschooling.

Final product –
Pasta pesto salad, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes.