Modest Monday – Plus Size Clothes

I am not a skirts / dresses only woman. I know there are many out there, but it’s not something that I or my husband have been convicted about. I do love wearing skirts and I wear them often. {I actually went to a private boarding school where skirts and dress were required for class every day, so for four years I wore skirts a ton. 🙂 } As a less-than-skinny woman, I am always on the lookout for nice, modest, affordable skirts and dresses and as a plus size sometimes these can be really hard to find. This spring I’ve found quite a few and wanted to share!!

My go-to place for cheap, seasonal, cute stuff – CATO. Most towns have CATO, they have prices that rival Walmart, though their clothes are much cuter and much better made. They usually carry a wide selection of denim skirts, as well as capris, and dressy clothes. The local CATO here has a great clearance rack. They also rotate their clothes frequently, which is cool.

Here are a couple of things I found there recently (oh yeah… and bought…)

20140224-101530.jpg SUPER cute shirt with a very slimming band at the bottom. Great for a dressier requirement. $17.99. They had this in a tan, the light green here, and a really pretty peach. Very flattering!!

20140224-101616.jpg I bought this in tan, a lime stripe, and a very pretty sea foam color they don’t have on the website. (I’m very tall, so I LOVE maxi skirts.) Seriously – if you like maxi skirts – head to Cato. They had about 10 different colors and patterns. $19.99. SUPER flattering zig zag cut which I know you can’t see here. LOL!!

And I LOVE skorts. I know this may be controversial in the “skirts only” world, but I think they’re nicer looking than shorts, more feminine, and you can get them long enough they don’t look immodest. Also, my husband loves them on me. My “modest” dressing goal is to look nice, look feminine, and not draw attention to myself. I think these totally fit the bill. They are expensive, but they’re flattering, longer than most, made well, and a GREAT fabric. I bought a few to wear all summer long (golfing…pool…tennis…). They are from Sahalie – an obscure company I hadn’t heard of until last year. The photo is linked to the website.


And lastly, another weird company I didn’t know about that carries lots of cute, trendy, fashions – Simply Be. I bought a few long sleeved tshirt dresses there this fall that were very cute. I will say they SHRUNK like mad when I put them in the dryer, so watch out. I wouldn’t say all their stuff is “modest” but they have a huge collection and are particularly great for teens and younger ladies. Here’s a link.

Hope that helps!! Happy shopping!!!



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