Weekly Report – 21 February

I’m a little late getting this done, but today was SO AMAZING out. We went to play some tennis, out for lunch in the sun, and I took a big fat nap. I haven’t napped in forever, and I am hoping I don’t regret it tonight!!

This week has been a great week. We got a lot done, and had a lot of fun doing it. We stretched and grew a little, sometimes a little painfully, but it’s all good….

History / Geography-
Finished Sonlight Core F Week 29. Still loving it. My only concern for next year with it is that the bible isn’t full enough for me. I think we may do the Summit Ministries Worldview Course instead, or in addition. I haven’t decided yet. Other than that – I’m still super happy. We’re ahead on all our reading, so we started the Gladys Alward biography. It’s riveting. We’re traveling in a few weeks and I told the kids they’d need to keep up with their Sonlight reading. “No problem, Mom. Give it to me now and I’ll read it all ahead of time.” That’s a testimonial!!

Bible –
I HAVE to get on Little’s case tomorrow and Sunday so we can knock out the last Challenge in his T&T AWANA book. WIth spring break, travel, etc. I aam worried about leaving it for the last minute. Otherwise we’re on schedule with Sonlight. I like the 2 chapters a day, and the scripture memory is good (admission – when we do it!!).

Science –
Continuing with BJU 7 online, we are working through Chapter 19. Test is Monday.

Math –
Same old Same old for Big. This was a relatively easy week. I didn’t ace the test. My fault. 😦 Little is adjusting to the world of Saxon. It’s a BIG switch for him. The math – EASY – the copying, details, etc. – learning… I know he’ll get the swing of it and I just need to be firm and encouraging until then. 🙂

Language Arts –
Another week of CLE. I really love this curriculum.

Reading –
CLE continues as usual. Sonlight reading is awesome, too.

Other Stuff –
Writing this week…. back to IEW Bible writing. It’s easy to implement. It gets done. It’s clear in its directions. I like it. So, there it is. LOL!! The kids did a nice 3 paragraph paper this week with a fused outline.

Life –
We had a FABULOUS Valentine’s party for the kids at bible study. It was great. We had a HUGE turnout (for us, anyway!). The kids and I spent 2 days cleaning out the church library and culling out old books and curricula. It was a great service project. We cleaned up the yard – then there was a storm… LOL!! TKD was good, Little has his last basketball practice tonight, and will miss a game with a scouting event.

We need to get working on our Teen Pact one-day class homework. I think Big already read the book. I am looking forward to this! I need to meal plan and get back on budget again… but that’s another blog post. LOL!


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