Modest Monday – Jockey Skimmies Slipshort

Now, this is the point where the one man who reads my blog – MY AMAZING HUSBAND – can stop reading. Head to a car racing site… It’s Modest Monday and this one is not for the dudes. 🙂

So, not everyone is an amazing skinny super marathon runner like my sister. I am not. I have many friends who are not.

Well, without wing immodest, that can create a problem with dress and skirts. It can make them uncomfortable and unfun to wear. Yes, it can.

Especially in the summer in the Deep South where I live.

For this reason I cannot recommend the Jockey® Skimmies® Slipshort highly enough. Here’s a link to amazon – but it’s an unmentionable so expect that in the photo, please.

No, I’m not being paid by Jockey, LOL!!! Last summer I was shopping at an outlet mall and found these and bought a couple pairs to try them out. WOW. THEY ARE AWESOME!!

Basically, these are super, duper thin breathable bike shorts. They are not a super hard to get on ultra tight slimming product. They provide a little smoothing coverage, and excellent chafing protection. They are super lightweight – think something between the tops of the old school panty hose tops and thin synthetic unders. They don’t roll, bunch, or go all crazy on the top, like other smoothing products. They’re not boy short length – but more like short bike shorts. I know, it’s hard to describe.

If you are on the fence, order a pair to try! They are simply fabulous and a wonderful way to ensure that wearing skirts and dresses is comfortable and something you do more often!



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