Winter… STILL!!


I live in the DEEP South. Deep. I am originally from Boston. You know, where it snows.

But, having lived in the South for nearly 20 years, and all of my adult life, I am totally unwelcoming of any frozen precipitation.

I don’t want to shovel… or drive in snow… or ice… or sleet. I love living where I don’t have to own an ice scraper, or mittens! LOL!!

The kids, on the other hand, are praying like mad for a foot of accumulation. 🙂

So tomorrow it’s forecasted that we’ll have ice, snow, and winter weather. The schools have shut down. Colleges – closed. A state of emergency has been declared. Apparently in our town one convenience store was charging $6/gallon for milk and the grocery stores were CRAZY.

We stayed home. I baked some bread. I had the kids brainstorm how we’d stay warm and cook if we lose power for a couple of days. They haven’t clued in yet on the gas fireplace, but I expect they will. Little was all about a fire in the driveway. Um, no. But keep thinking!! LOL!!

So now I’m watching Law and Order. With an electric blanket. And a cup of iced tea. Late night tv – because I’m expecting I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow. 🙂


One thought on “Winter… STILL!!

  1. Six dollars for a gallon of milk?! That’s outrageous. Where are you from? I didn’t check the prices at an convenient stores today, but sadly, many of them do take advantage of prices and people when the weather is like this. We have snow around these parts too, central NC! For the 2nd time this year {the first time was a few weeks ago}! We’re definitely not used to this.
    Blessing to you and yours, I hope you and your family stay warm and safe! 🙂
    – Shar

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