Weekly Report – 7 February 2014

I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER, so I thought it would be fun to start again!!

Here’s what we’ve done this week…

History / Geography-
We’ve been using Sonlight as a spine for the year, but this week I decided we’d jump in 100%. Before, we’d read all the books, but not done some of the supplemental stuff. This week – 100% – including the writing assignment. We completed Week 27 and it went great. The pace was great, the kids are already in the swing with the reading… It was good. Basically I’m in the stress season of “WHAT WILL WE DO NEXT YEAR?!?!” so I decided we’d run 100% Sonlight before eliminating them. I had previously thought we’d use the Veritas Press self paced Omnibus, but after this week, we’re staying with Sonlight.

Might be a honeymoon…

I’ll keep you posted.

Bible –
Again, we followed the Sonlight schedule. I liked it, but I think in the long run it’ll need more. The kids are also copying 1 Corinthians 13 this month for a Valentine’s exercise, so right now it’s a good balance. I struggle with finding the right balance in bible! I will say that I LOVE getting back into scripture memory with both kids (Little is finishing his last year in AWANA so he’s still memorizing through that). This wee we memorized Proverbs 6:6-11.

Science –
Continuing with BJU 7 online, we are working through Chapter 17. This week we dissected the frog. It was substantially less stinky than the earth worm. That was last week – and NASTY. This week – very cool and interesting. We had a friend who’s mom isn’t a dissector to join us. 🙂 Big even made up dissection party gifts – chocolate frogs and Webkinz frogs for all. It was a blast.


Math –
Oh, the world of math is about to change soon… Little is just about done with Horizon 6. I think next week he’ll switch over to Algebra 1/2. Big continues to plug though Algebra 1. We have a test in a few minutes. Booya!!! (I got a 90… with partial credit…)

Language Arts –
CLE. More of the same. 5 lessons a week. Kids are almost 70% done with this curriculum for the year.

Reading –
CLE. More of the same. LOL! 2 – 3 lessons a week. Every other day. The kids like this a ton still.

Other Stuff –
Kids played in a chess tournament with friends…TKD twice this week…no bible study…Scouts was the usual…Little participated in a service project Saturday parking cards for the rodeo…Basketball this week for Little, and refereed 3 games for me…finished service project for Valentine’s Banquet…Big/Little had a sleep over at friend’s. A GREAT WEEK!!!

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