Little’s best buddy’s been sick this week. Little was sad for him and was disappointed he couldn’t make it to a play time at our house Monday. I honestly think Little was more disappointed for his friend than for himself. He’s really very sweet.

Yesterday, Little wanted to make something to cheer his friend up. He had Secret Agent plans in the works. With a little tweaking, a quick trip to CVS, and a generous Pharmacy technician, we came up with these :

Secret Agent Get Well Kits.

Little wrote a get well note for his buddy, and password protected it on a thumb drive. We took the thumb drive, wrapped it in Saran Wrap, and hid it amongst a wall of m&ms.


Then Little made a cover for the inside of the lid where he wrote the password. He made up a fake label, and sealed the container.

Big is good friends with the sister of the sick guy, so she made a cool Secret Agent Kit for her friend, too. She wrapped up a couple of Rainbow Loom bracelets and a necklace and hid them for her pal.


The gifts obviously would not be appropriate for little kids, and obviously we’ve clearly talked about real medicine, drugs, etc. But for older kids who get the joke and are reasonable, this was a super fun project.

This morning Little called his friend to see if he decoded everything and his friend had to call back after science. “Well, I guess he’s a lot better. You have to be to contend with Mrs. Vick in science.” Ha!!!


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