Dissection – Middle School Science


We did our first “real” dissection in science last week!! It was an earthworm. We have been using BJU science for the past 2 years an I love it. It’s super thorough and with the DVDs there’s a ton of amplification. As much as I love the guided teaching, I think labs are super important – so we try to do as many as we can.

As much as possible I like for the kids to do the labs -the selves – and not just watch them. I’m a snob. I think watching is watching, not doing. I’ll be totally honest, a lot we watched. 15 pots of soil with different contaminants added, grow for two weeks measuring daily – oh yeah – watched it!! Other really easy, self explanatory labs – observed. Celery in colored water…dissecting flowers…microscope work…Done! And, usually loved.

Deep into seventh grade Life Science is… Animal dissection. The bane of 7th grade for students and parents! LOL!! I wanted my kids to have this experience so last week we had our first real dissection lab!

To make life easy on me and raise the likelihood labs will get done, I buy the BJU kits from Homeschool Science Tools. Yes, IMHO, it’s overpriced. But, time is money and I don’t have the time to drive all over the place here (or in the big town an hour away) to gather supplies. If I want a lab done its got to be easy and on hand. I’ve found the kits to be worth the money.


Back to dissection…

My method for this whole new phase is this – we do the lab alongside Mrs. Vick with the DVD running and pause as needed. It worked perfectly for the earthworm lab. We found everything in the worm, the pace was great, and there was no confusion. If you lack confidence in labs – this is the way to go!!

The lab itself was fascinating, but the kids reaction was priceless. Big LOVED it. She didn’t was to give up the scalpel. Vet school would not phase her… Little tolerated it. I was surprised since he’s such a dig-in kind of guy. Whether the my love it or not, I think it’s an important part of the learning experience and we’ll keep doing the labs.

In fact… next week is a frog!



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