No Spend January – My Tea Lesson


My latest No Spend January epiphany…

I love Sonic iced tea. I have a drink sticker so I could get route 44 drinks for 99¢. Bonus! (I thought…)

Last week Big and I needed to buy a refill box of tea leaves for home, since there has been NO Sonic this month. We were appalled that a 48 bag (family size) box of decaf tea was $7.69.

Then I crunched numbers…

Sonic – 44oz of tea – likely more like 35oz with the ice – $.99

Home decaf – $0.16/liter (about 34 ounces)

Savings per drink – $.83
Drinks per day – 2
Savings per day – $1.66
Savings per month (roughly 25 days) – $41.00

Savings per year (based on 25 days and 12 months) – $492.00

The $7.69 a box, full price at the non-Walmart more expensive grocery store, is looking like a pretty good deal. I’m guessing with a coupon, a sale, or Sam’s I could find it for less than $7.69. So no need to give up my tea – I just need to do it smarter. 🙂


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