Shrimp Scampi!!!

So the dudes were gone tonight. Little had a Scout camp out and DH was working. That left Big and me home alone, which can only mean one thing…


This morning I refereed three basketball games, and then watched Little’s game. After the game we all drove to drop Little and his bud off at camp. Big and I went for some snacks (within budget 😉 ) and then we headed back home. Since then it’s been COUCH DAY!!

I took a nap. YUM and much needed after basketball! I was worn out! LOL!!

We watched a ton of Phineas and Ferb. LOVE IT!

And Big made me an awesome dinner – Pioneer Woman’s Shrimp Scampi . It was FABULOUS. I’m not a huge seafood person – but I practically licked my plate. It was insane. She has mad skills.


So now we’re back to chilling. More
P&F… A little Law and Order for me (headphones and the iPad)… Reading online… Warm puppy dogs…

A perfect girl’s day!


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