Iced Coffee


I love iced coffee. Love. When I was a kid my mom would drink iced coffee and I would think it was so disgusting! LOL!!! I’ve never been a huge hot coffee person, but every morning I drink an iced coffee.

I have a Keurig machine and used to use that for my morning coffee. I’d stick a pod in, stick a large cup of ice under it, an brew. When it was done I’d pour in my flavored creamer and be done. It was quick, easy, tasty.


My sister RAVED about the Aeropress. “Buy the Aeropress”, she said. “You need an Aeropress”, she droned on… for about a year.

In December I relented. At the local coffee shop they had them, and I’m a big fan of shopping local, so I sprung the $30.

If you drink ice coffee – BUY ONE.


It’s amazing!! The Aeropress is like a French press, but no residue, no sludge, SUPER easy to clean up, and cheap filters. It takes, after heating the water, 20 seconds to make coffee. The coffee is dark and rich – but with no bitterness. Yumtastic!!

For a cost comparison, here goes:

K-cup (I use 2/day) – $1.00/day
Aeropress (25 g for a double iced coffee) – $0.72/day

It’s so weird to cost it out because at $13/pound for great locally roasted coffee, it’s still cheaper than a Keurig iced coffee. I would not have thought that!! This morning I made a Keurig cup to compare, and honestly, the Aeropress blew it away. And really, is there anything better than the smell of a newly opened bag of fresh roasted coffee!? I love that and I’m so happy to inhale as much scent as I can every morning!

So there you go! Awesome, cheaper, fast iced coffee. What’s not to love?


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