Chilling with Big

Tea. Coffee House. Books on a kindle. Facebook. College radio. Bustle of finals week. Nearly crying over the speed with which time flies. Before I blink she’ll be here. Studying for finals. In college. So, so, so grateful for today. Love my daughter. Love her to pieces.

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Algebra … Yeah!!

As we venture further into Algebra 1, it’s getting more complicated. I’ve always loved white boards to speed up math and now I find them indispensable. Big and I use then often to break down more complex Algebra problems. I’ve found recently that using different color markers helps even more. I use them to keep different segments of problems and to show specific functions. I have to keep a stash or colors and frequently chuck the dried out markers to reduce my frustration. Works for me!!


(In case you’re wondering – the answer is zero, which is annoying so we make it a screaming Albert Einstein or a donut.) 🙂