Morning Walk

I used to walk every day. A lot. I mean A LOT. Unfortunately in February I hurt my foot training for a half marathon. I did the race, finished terribly, and sadly my foot hasn’t recovered well. So, I’ve not been walking. I need to get back to it. I’m lazy and slow and put of shape – even walking shape.

My plan is baby steps. A mile a day for a while, then 2, then hopefully back to 3 a day. I want to get to 3 a day. Every day. I don’t want to worry about more right now.

I think starting over is sometimes enough. Even if you have to do it a few times.

Today was Day 1. Bad Dog and Me. Out on the town….OK, more like out on the neighborhood. One mile. It felt great.

My view for most of the walk:


Fall in my neighborhood:



Done, but looking forward to longer days ahead:


On one last one for my sky geek self – the end of a front:



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