Raking Leaves … and Parenting

Today was leaf taking morning. I hate raking leaves. LOATHE. I grew up in New England with, I don’t know, 500 oak trees in our yard. My parents insisted on having the leaves up before the snow – and it was awful….

Fast forward to my life as a parent… I rake leaves. Usually the kids help. Today I raked alone and left the kids to bag. As I raked it really struck me how much leaf time is like my parenting journey…

If you don’t do your work for a while it takes a long time to catch up.

Leaving character issues for later just makes it all pile up, too.

Doing the catch up hurts. You don’t have the callouses of regular hard work.

That’s true of parenting, too. If my training muscle isn’t used I start to question myself as a parent. Am I being to harsh? Am I expecting too much? Being tuned in to my kids keeps my muscles sharper.

Raking is CONSTANT. One leaf raked – and another falls.

Parenting is constant, too. Some days feel like training whack-a-mole…

The more I work on my yard, the more likely I am to gloat that mine looks better than my neighbors.

Pride. Yards. Kids. Doesn’t matter. It’s sin.

Sometimes the leaves fall on the pile – and I still want to take credit for it!

And I do that with my kids. Taking credit for God’s gifts and blessings… Being prideful in stuff I have no reason to take pride in… The credit is God’s alone.

I still don’t love raking. Yard work is not my thing. But today I am grateful for the workout, the lessons, and the 5 minutes where my yard looked nice.


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