Bible Bee!!!!

So excited!!!!! The National Bible Bee Semifinals are on!!!!

Webcast Link

It’s such an amazing blessing to watch these guys!! Praying for our friends – live and online ones – who are at nationals!! Praise God for their faithfulness and example!!


Working Well

Just wanted to share something that’s “Working Well”. I use Homeschool Tracker to generate weekly work lists for the kids. Some day I plan to use it for grade tracking, resumé stuff, etc. Now I just print a list and the kids highlight it as we go. They used to keep it in a notebook…. Now it’s on the master whiteboard. It’s awesome! I can see from across the room where we stand. It’s great!! Much more accountability, and easier to stay on track. It’s ‘Working Well’!


Santa’s Sweatshop


Tis the season!! I’m currently working away on Christmas gifts. I’ve blocked off my normal craft area and am hard at work on a present for Big (picture to follow) as well as a couple of pennants for my bible study sisters. Here’s the finished pennant:


The letters were coated with the double sided heat bond, die cut, ironed onto the triangle, then appliqué stitched. After that I sewed the backs and fronts of the triangles, turned rights sides out and ironed them. The last step was cleaning up threads, trimming the tops, and adding single fold bias tape (ironed and doubled over for a thin double bias). The pictures doesn’t do them credit! They look great!!!



I know – it’s getting a little redundant. Sorry! It’s so beautiful out that I had to take the afternoon off and do some school in the woods. We packed up lunch, grabbed the dogs and some art supplies and headed out.


It was chilly and windy and just perfect.

The dogs were annoying. Little dog whined nearly constantly during our 30 minutes of silence.

We sat. We watched birds. We breathed glorious smelling, crispy, lovely air. It was so worth skipping grammar!!



I love fall. I grew up in New England where fall is AMAZING. Cool, crisp, leaves, apples, cider…. I love it. The South isn’t the same, but we can fake it at home! 🙂

Here’s out mostly-daily Thankful Tree:

We write 3 things we’re thankful for an Big hangs them for us.

Here’s our dining table, all fall-ish, and my THANKS banner:


My favorite piece of furniture in the house:


Ahhhhh!! Fall!!!

Morning Walk

I used to walk every day. A lot. I mean A LOT. Unfortunately in February I hurt my foot training for a half marathon. I did the race, finished terribly, and sadly my foot hasn’t recovered well. So, I’ve not been walking. I need to get back to it. I’m lazy and slow and put of shape – even walking shape.

My plan is baby steps. A mile a day for a while, then 2, then hopefully back to 3 a day. I want to get to 3 a day. Every day. I don’t want to worry about more right now.

I think starting over is sometimes enough. Even if you have to do it a few times.

Today was Day 1. Bad Dog and Me. Out on the town….OK, more like out on the neighborhood. One mile. It felt great.

My view for most of the walk:


Fall in my neighborhood:



Done, but looking forward to longer days ahead:


On one last one for my sky geek self – the end of a front: