Political Cartoons

Big has been drawing a political cartoon every day on her spelling assignment. They are very insightful. I wish more of the American public understood the impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act like my 12 year old!

Cartoon 1/2:

Top – Cartoon 1 –
The tons of debt falling on the heads of the American taxpayer with the 1 January sword falling.

Bottom – Cartoon 2 –
The democrats break the law and point to the Republicans to blame them.


Quick Craft

We have two dogs. One is a wonder dog… The other is a terrier. LOL!! The terrier ate the cover of the Good Dog’s bed, so this morning I did a quick makeover with some fabric I bought a couple of years ago to make Big a dress…





I love it. Hopefully Bad Dog will, too! (It’s actually very smooth in real life, LOL! Little had just climbed on it before the snap.)


OK, for the three readers I have (ot including my husband!) I am alive. I’ve been terrible about blogging lately. I’ve thought about it a lot, but with a busy home school schedule, DH traveling, local commitments to help and serve, it’s been nuts.


Tonight should be a super special night, so the kids and I are spending part of today readying for it! Tonight the kid’s piano teacher and her husband are coming for dinner. I am so excited! Our dinner will include:

Beef Stew of some kind (I’m leaning toward Boeuf Bourguignon! YAY!)

Fresh Homemade Wheat Bread

Green Beans

and some kind of dessert. I might go Apple Tart….


Needless to say there’s lots of cooking, cleaning, and a little shopping to do. So – no rest on the computer for me! I hope to post pics tomorrow!