How We Do Upper Level Math

Mine’s on the right and I haven’t checked it yet! No comments about wrong math, please! LOL!!!


I have a dear friend and mentor who has successfully homeschooled 4 kids from birth through high school. All have excelled in college academically, and more importantly, they are warriors for Jesus. My friend is humble, kind, and very patient. She’s also very hardworking, focused, and diligent. Man, is she diligent!! One thing she has impressed on me is that homeschooling is a job, and one that needs to be taken seriously. The work has to be done every day. Trips and days off are great, but we’re called to educate our kids and we need to DO IT! I just love her honesty!


One of the many things I’ve taken from her is how we do upper level math. Starting in Algebra 1/2 I do math nearly every day with my student. We use the amended schedule from My Father’s World, (if she tests about an 85%) ad do all the assigned problems. Yes, some days are long. Today looked short, but it was long! Some of the problems were tough! By doing the problems myself I can explain them better to her, my skills are honed and I’m up-to-date, and I’m much more patient about how challenging the problems or overall math day are for her. We watch the Art Reed dvd together, and then work side-by-side. She loves having me nearby, and some days we so friendly competitions. If you’re not good at math – no problem, just take the course alongside your students. Yesterday Big was thrilled when she did better than me on a test (little stinker!). I know – this method isn’t easy – but it’s so worth it!!!


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