Dim Sum by a Dum Dum

When we were in Boston Little was dying to try Dim Sum. He had seen it on Ruff Ruffman and since it’s filmed in Boston he was all over trying some of their adventures. We were in the area already (the Museum of Fine Arts isn’t far away) so I decided we’d park there and have lunch….

Parking anywhere in Boston is a nightmare. Enough said about that.

After we parked, and I exhaled, we walked to Chinatown. Using my trusty smartphone I googled “best dim sum Boston” and found Winsor Dim Sum. They had great reviews and I could find it. Off we went!

When we go there we were seated at a large table and handed slips of paper. I had NO idea what I was doing so I asked the one lady near me who looked like she spoke English what to do. She said “mark what you want and they’ll bring it to you.” “I can do that!” I thought! Apparently, no I can not…

The items on the dim sum menu were each about $3. Since this is inner city Boston, I assumed that meant 1 item per order. So we ordered 10 different things…

Then the food started coming…

And coming…

And coming…

And yes, coming… (there was more but I was too embarrassed to take more pictures!)

I WAS HORRIFIED!!! Apparently each item had 3 pieces – not the 1 I had thought! We had enough food for 8 people, and there were 3 of us (2 being kids!). I just felt like everyone was laughing at us for being so wasteful and gluttonous, and I cannot blame them! I was so embarrassed. We tried everything, but it was very authentic and while we liked trying everything we didn’t clean our plates. I felt horrible, but it was a fantastic experience.

The fumiest part of the whole experience, was that on the way out I spied a picture menu on the other tables! We just didn’t have one. The picture menu showed each item, and how many pieces came with it! THAT would have been handy, LOL!!!

In the end I would HIGHLY recommend the Winsor Dim Sum Cafe if you’re in Boston. The food is really reasonably priced and very authentic. The staff was very kind. I really liked the BBQ roll and the spring rolls. Just make sure you get the menu with the pictures!




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