How We Do Bible Memory

Where in FULL swing prepping up for the local Bible Bee contest this weekend, so I thought I’d do a post on how we do scripture memory here. We’ve been doing scripture memory since the kids were little and over the years we’ve honed in on a few techniques that have made memory work MUCH easier.



Our “normal” system for memory is to write the verse on a dry erase board first. Then we read through the passage (or verse) three times aloud, together. Then… we take a word out. After the word is removed, the kids then read the verse to me. We leave blank spaces, but no other indication of where the word was (blank lines, etc.). When the kids were little we’d pay a mini m&m for each word removed. It made memory work the highlight of the day! Usually when about 80% of the words are removed the kids have the section memorized and we just erase the rest. For reinforcement the kids have say the passage perfectly 3 times to be considered “done” with memory work for the day. Later, we review and review.



This is basically a variation on dry erase, but it’s for when we travel or don’t have a dry erase board with us. In this case we flip the words over. It’s fun!

Paper Phrases

Sorry, no picture here. For paper phrases we do just like the words but split the verse into sections that make sense. We do this for repetitive passages (“with all your soul, and with all your heart, and with all your mind” Matthew 22:36-40) or passages where it just makes more sense or is easier to memorize it as phrases. Sometimes I’ll copy the verse from and paste it into Word, blow it up, then print and cut. It saves a little work and time that way. With this system you can also scramble all the phrases and the kids have to put them in order. With phrases, you have to be careful that you don’t rush learning the passage. It’s easy to appear to “get” the verse, only to find out when you review it that they really didn’t get it.

Flash Cards:


We’re not a huge flash card family, but I found this summer reviewing with the Bible Bee flash cards was a great help. I laminated ours so I could mark with a dry erase which kid had reviewed which card, words, missed, etc. It was very helpful. The Bible Bee materials came with the cards so it made it super easy.


By far our favorite memory app is Fighter Verses. We actually don’t use the verses supplied, but added all of our own. The quizzes are great (fill in the blank, word bank, etc.). The only annoying thing is that you have to have internet to load new verses, and if you make a mistake you have to delete it, then reload it. But, it was TOTALLY worth the $3 we paid for the app. The kids have used it at the pool, in the car, on airplanes, etc. I think the kids DEFINITELY learn the verse the best by us sitting and learning it together, it’s a great review tool.

That’s the review. We LOVE scripture memory here and I hope something I shared here might help your family hide God’s Word in your heart.


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