Big Trip…. Good to be Home

We got home this weekend from a 10 day trip North. We saw my parents (who are in assisted living – that’s it’s own post…), my two sisters (one I have not seen in years), nieces, nephews, went on field trips, tried new foods, and celebrated with old favorites. It was a good trip but a hard one. It is so good to be home!!!


One stop we made was to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It was amazing. I was brought to tears by a few of the pieces. We did the audio tour (which I HIGHLY recommend for any major museum that offers them – particularly if there’s a kid’s version!) and it was fabulous. I love the Dutch masters, but in the MFA the Egyptian section was awesome. Here are some pics (all legal – no flash, personal use) from the visit….


An AWESOME map of ancient lands on the floor in the Egyptian display. VERY cool!!!


Rembrandt sketch that reminded me of a friend’s pyrography work.


I have no idea the name of this work, or the painter, but I love it.


Van Gogh in real life. Insane.


Monet. Such a sharp contrast to the Dutch. Love.


I cried. It’s huge. And breathtaking.



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