The School Year Ahead (in which I share my curriculum!)

I shared yesterday that I finally picked a history curriculum for this year. I am now very excited as IT HAS SHIPPED! I can’t wait for it to get here!

So what are we using for the rest of our stuff? Most of the subjects the kids do together, such as:



Sonlight Core F – 4 Day which I shared about here.


Junior_SS__06353.1276051630.1280.1280This year we’re doing 2 of the older studies from the National Bible Bee. The materials are AMAZING and the study is so RICH. I am super excited about this! We’ll be studying Colossians and 2 Timothy.


bbw thumb

Both Big and Little are currently working on the IEW Bible Theme Based Writing. We are all enjoying it. They’ve done the IEW SWI A, and SWCC A, so this is a nice break from the videos. My plan is to work through 2 of the the theme based writing sometime in the next year. I figure if we work on this during the summer, the fall can be a little lighter..

Science –


BJU Press Grade 7 with distance learning. I will admit, science was falling through the cracks until last year. We used the BJU 6 online with rave reviews online, and I am so glad we did. I love it. The kids mostly love it. It’s super solid. Mrs. Vick is interesting. We skip any obvious busy work – but keeping a notebook, review, etc. has been great for the kids. I loved it so much that this is the only class we’ll be doing online this year.

Language Arts –


We’re back to Christian Light Education this year! I fiddle last year. The kids and I were a little burned out from the intensity and thoroughness of CLE. But it’s so concise! It’s easy to manage! It’s thorough! Man, is it thorough! It has spelling! It teaches TO the kids. So, this year, I’m back. I want to travel and have fun, so this is an easy pick. We’re using it on grade level and as published.

Reading –


Both kids will be using CLE reading on grade level. Ok, when I say “reading” people cringe. It’s not so much reading, as literature. CLE “reading” covers all the literary terms and devices that can easily fall through the cracks. Stuff the kids need to know for college and tests. It covers comprehension, work roots, map stuff. Here’s the Scope and Sequence for the FIRST book of Grade 7 reading:

Labeling similes and metaphors

Interpreting similes and metaphors

Identifying the main ideas of paragraphs

Learning to form correct mind pic-
tures from the story
Reviewing alliteration
Working with the Latin word parts co-, con-, com-, col-
Learning about theme
Learning about imagery in poetry
Studying etymologies of words
Identifying internal and external conflict
Learning to accept differences in others
Working with personification
Working with the Latin prefix pro-
Learning to correctly read poetry
Reviewing mood in a poem
Working with humor in a story
Interpreting various dialects
Learning good judgment in reading
Learning about symbols
Working with the Latin word part trans-
Studying about history and legend
Working with rhyme scheme in poetry
Learning qualities of parables
Thinking about fads
Studying humor in language
Reviewing internal and external conflict
It’s really an amazing curriculum and takes about 20 minutes a day two or three times a week. This is a hidden gem!
And now – the one subject that’s sort of different between the two kids – math.

Big – 7th Grade Math

artalgebra 12

Math – Saxon Algebra 1/2 with Art Reed dvds. We are about two thirds of the way through this book. It’s our first year with Saxon and I really like it. I’ve read complaints that it’s not conceptual enough, but having done almost every problem alongside Big, I think those critiques are bunk. We are loving the Art Reed dvds. He’s very succinct and interesting, and surprisingly funny! When she finishes this one we’ll move on to Algebra 1.

Little – Sixth Grade Math


Little is working through Horizons 6 math. He’s about 1/3 of the way through. I am a HUGE fan of Horizons. We have used it for all elementary grade and I am very pleased with it. The kids are super solid in math, apply it well. test great, and Big moved to Algebra 1/2 with no problems at all.

That’s what I have for now. I think there’s more since there are books EVERYWHERE in my house… and merit badge books… and art supplies… and piano music… But for now, this is my plan!

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