I did it!

I committed to history for this school year!

It was a tough choice. We have L-O-V-E-D the Veritas Press online self paced courses for the past 2 years. LOVED them. But, Big is getting a little too old for them, and Little is a little too young for the online self-paced Omnibus

So that left me in a conundrum.

We *could* do another self paced course, even with it being easy for Big.Their reading beefs it up and I could add geography or something else for her…

BUT… and here’s the other factor… I want to travel this year.

A lot.


Throughout the US.



And because of that I don’t want to be tied to a set schedule for history. Or a computer. Yes, we’re doing BJU Science 7 with a computer. I’ll deal with that somehow. But history and writing this year I really want to be book based. And the kids are voracious readers.

So I committed…


Lots of books. Great stories. I can edit as needed. None of the material will be redundant in Omnibus 1 next year. A good gap year.

And who knows – maybe we’ll travel to Asia!


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