National Bible Bee 2013 – Part 1

I won’t even go into the BILLION reasons why I haven’t blogged in forever. It’s great to be home, to be back to the blog, to sort of get back to normal! LOL!!!


One thing I’ve wanted to blog about has been our participation in the National Bible Bee. This is our first year participating, and we’re all a little anxious. I searched the internet for blogs on the Bible Bee and didn’t find too many entries, so I want to share our experiences as we go through it. Hopefully someone will find this helpful (please comment if you do!).

Our first step was registration. I did all of our registration online which was super easy. The first step is to search through the NBB database to find a local contest. Unfortunately we don’t have ANY contests anywhere near here. It’s not a huge deal for a church, homeschool group, or school to host an event, but I figured this year we’d participate and maybe next year try to bring it to our area. So, we’ll be attending a “local” event about 5 hours from home. Can you hear “ROAD TRIP!”. LOL!! You also need to register your kids in a category – and there are three: 7-10 (Primary), 11-14 (Junior), and 15-18 (Senior).

The next step to the Bee is BOX DAY. Assuming you register early (registration opens 1 April), the boxes arrive on or slightly before 1 June. You are asked not to open the box until the 1st of June for the big reveal. Our box sat in the front hall for a couple of days for both the wait and we had company. It was super cool to open the box and see the book of the bible we’d be studying this summer. This year the book is 1 John!

In the box were our study materials, shirts, bibles, Parent Guide and other stuff I ordered. This year’s registration fee is $30 – which included a t shirt, button, bible, Parent Guide and the study book for the student. You can pick your version of the bible from the NIV, KJV, NASB, and ESV. I ordered an extra Junior book for me so I could do the same study every day as the kids were doing, and the optional Sword Drill cd.

We’ve finished the first 5 weeks of the Sword Study book and I can say that it has been AWESOME. We’ve done a lot of bible studies with the kids, and for an inductive study this has been the most challenging and most thorough so far. It really does take about 20 minutes a day Monday through Friday – which I will admit does not really include our memory time. With all the travel, camps, etc. we got seriously behind – but with some effort we’ve caught up with the daily study. I have gone ahead and ordered 2 of the older studies for us to use for school this year I love these study materials so much!

For memory work, there are 2 passages a week. I say “passages” because some of them are longer than 1 verse. I looked through the materials, and for the Junior division that my kids are in there are a total of 60 verses that they’ll learn during the 12 weeks. At the back of the kid’s books are the study cards – one set for each bible version. There are verses on both the front and back of the cards (I missed that detail and we are still a little behind on memory work). I’ve laminated our cards and we have a set for home, one for the car, and an extra. I also have all the verses in my phone, which leads me to….

The Sword Drill cd. I  would consider the optional cd an OK purchase. I have an iphone and I already had the Fighter Verses app installed – so the same games and quizzes could be done on my phone or ipad. I like having the study materials on my phone so if we have some down time, etc. we can work on review or prep. I don’t think I would buy the cd again. There is a Bible Bee app for the iphone and android, and for my family I think that would be more useful than the cd in the future.

The last part of this review I’ll add is that the local sponsors (you know, 5 hours from here) have been awesome! I wish we lived near there! They’ve had welcome parties, review sessions, a BBQ, and more for their local families. They’ve been very clear with communications (as has the national office – with useful, encouraging email, but nor being ridiculous, LOL!) and it’s been great to be signed up with them. I am looking forward to the “local” competition since they’re so organized and thoughtful. I really look forward to meeting them and the other families who will be participating.

So for now – we must study! We have a few passages to catch up on!


3 thoughts on “National Bible Bee 2013 – Part 1

  1. Did any of you make it to nationals? Yes, I am participating this year and I am a first time senior. I will be at nationals with two of my siblings who also qualified. How did locals go for you?

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