Weekly review – 5/24/13

Seriously, it’s Friday already?!? This week has been NUTS!! We’re on our summer schedule, so it’s tons of fun and … math. LOL!!

Math – I think we’ve completed 5 lessons. Maybe 4. Math in our house it pretty much on autopilot right now. Little is on the geometry sections of Horizons 6, so it’s simple for him. Big is doing Algebra 1/2, but Saxon spirals so much most of it’s review and really easy. I’m super happy with both choices!

Writing– The kids are working on Scout stuff. Little is nearly complete with Citizenship in the Community.He had to do a write up on a movie, so he that this week. The kids are finishing the final touches on the family newsletter. Big is working on a massive tri-fold for an American Heritage Girls project. I need to be more diligent to FINISH the projects we start!

Scout Stuff – This week we attended the volunteer orientation for our local Humane Society and today we have our first volunteer session. To say they are excited is a HUGE understatement. Big is nearly complete with all the stuff she needs for her big award, also. We will be prayerfully considering our participation in scouting for the future. (The article linked sums up a lot of my feelings right now. It’s an excellent read. )

Field Trip! We had an amazing field trip this week. Here’s a teaser shot… More to follow this weekend…

ImageLife Skills Friday – We’re continuing with this and I LOVE IT! I am working on figuring out how to incorporate this in the school year. This week the kids are mowing the lawn, caring for a turtle, and volunteering at the animal shelter. I am sure we’ll stick one more thing in there for cooking or cleaning.

Rose for the Week – Animal shelter volunteer session and our field trip. I will report more on the first shelter visit later. I am confident that will be HUGE! I am loving seeing the kids find ways to serve in the capacities that God created for them to fill. It’s pretty awesome. (Also, getting the a/c in my car fixed was pretty sweet, too!)

Thorn for the Week – Or in this case, a thorn in my side! – THE FAMILY NEWSLETTER WILL BE FINISHED AND MAILED BY SATURDAY AT LUNCH!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!


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