Scout School

Working Lunch, LOL!

Since the kids and I have pretty much finished up the official “schoolwork” for the year we’ve started working on “Scout School”. Big is a Trailblazer with the American Heritage Girls, and Little just “crossed over” from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. I figured with some down time and less school time, we could knock out some advancement requirements and merit badge stuff. The kids do fine with “free” time, but I think this will provide them with some framework for a couple hours a day, not to mention to field trips and other stuff we’ll be doing.

This week Little has been working on “Citizenship in the Community“, as well as keeping a turtle to finish up his “Reptiles and Amphibians” merit badge. Citizenship has been really interesting. We went to Municipal Court on Monday, which could be a post of it’s own! The kids learned a lot and I think we’ve come up with some ideas for bills to write for TeenPact in the spring. Tuesday we visited the Humane Society and filled out the paperwork to foster kittens or puppies, as well as interview the staff there. Tonight we’re attending volunteer training there also. Last night when I was at bible study DH and the kids watched “Hoot” as a part of the requirement (which we’ll discuss and record today). Little’s also been working on his worksheet and getting the details down, as well as prepping up a PowerPoint presentation on our town for the Troop. Hopefully not all of these merit badges are so thorough! LOL!

.Big is working on finishing up a few things for her huge end of year award. She’s working on Civics and Government, Bible Basics and Best Me I Can Be. Most of her stuff is paperwork since she’s done the requirements already. She is working on a really cool tri-fold about the operation of the federal government, and I am excited to post pictures of it when she’s done.

With all the fun we’re having this week I can TOTALLY see why people love Unit Studies. I talked to a friend last night and we discussed my going totally Unit Study approach for history next year. Maybe… We’ll see!!



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