Weekly Wrap Up – 5/17/13

This has been a crazy and hectic week – but we still got some stuff completed. We traveled for the first half of the week, leaving home last Thursday. Sunday Big and I were in Boston to see my parents for Mother’s Day and catch a RED SOX GAME. It was amazing. Monday was a chill day at my sister’s (and it was COLD!!!), followed by Tuesday travel day. As usual, Wednesday was rest, recovery, and piano lessons. Thursday was art and errands, and today – Friday at Chick Fil A and life skills. Today we’re going to spackle some holes in walls, make freezer jam, and find a lizard. More on the lizard later, and hopefully pictures of the other stuff, too!



Mother’s Day 2013… Fenway Park.

For actual school work – in History we wrapped up Veritas Press Self Paced 1850 to Modern. It’s a FABULOUS class and I would highly recommend it. This weekend I hope to watch October Sky or Apollo 13 to add to the end of the class (and we’re all space nerds here!).

Math went as usual. I think all in all we finished 4 of 5 lessons this week. I’ll take it. Big did well on her test (Saxon Algebra 1/2, Test 20), only missing a little due to minor mistakes. Little’s handwriting program (known mostly as my saying “Do it neatly or do it again!!”, and then him repeating assignments) is paying off in neater work. His test only went poorly when he couldn’t fit all the work in the space provided. When I rewrote it larger for him… 100%. He knows the math but man, Horizons 6 has some small workspace!

Writing is still going well. The kids are working on a newsletter for our family. They are working in Microsoft Publisher. They’re writing all the copy, adding pictures, editing…. It’s really been a fun project. I think this may be a once a month deal for the them.

Art – We got back into the swing with art this week. The kids have been taking drawing lessons from a friend who is a VERY talented (as in member-of-the-state-craftsmen’s-guild -talented!) artist. They LOVE it. This week the weather was great so they worked on pastel landscapes on the shore of the nearby National Wildlife Refuge. It was awesome.


Pastel landscapes at the lake.

Rose of the Week – I am planning on writing a full post on this later – but my rose (or good thing) this week for homeschooling was doing schoolwork while traveling. This is something we’ve done since the kids were young, so they expectation is already there. It really doesn’t take anything away from our trips, and it keeps us on track with our goals. I also think it gives the kids some normalcy and something to do on flights or in cars. I’m always flexible with it, but with 8 hours to burn traveling, we might as well burn a math assignment and read something productive. Even if you do half assignments in one or two subject areas, you still get more done that you would have otherwise, and there’s way less stress when you get home.


Big working on math on our flight home.

Thorn of the Week – My thorn (or bad thing) this week would be piano. We didn’t get in any practice up North, so the kids lessons suffered. I had planned on Little taking his music but I failed.  Strangely, the kids didn’t remind me when we were packing… LOL!!


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