Weekly Wrap Up – May 10

It’s a good thing that our official school year is over, because we got a bucket of nothing done this week! LOL!!!
We’re on week 31 of 32 with the Veritas Press Self Paced modern course. We’re only doing this one because Big is a huge space buff and she wanted to do it. {I am, because I am a slacker, ready to be “done”.} They finished days 1-3 of the week and we’ll finish the rest up next week. We’re also going to add Apollo 13 and likely October Sky since the kids are old enough now and haven’t seen either.Math-
More of the same. Lesson a day, every day. LOL!! I am thinking about a whole blog post on schooling while traveling, as we did some of that this week. This trip I told the kids they had to do 3 lessons before we get home. We traveled out Thursday and get home next Tuesday. Little got right on it and on the first flight he ripped through 2.5 lessons. He’ll do the last half on the way home. Big did one on the first flight, then will do one on a mid-trip road trip, and one on the way home. This way we really only miss one math with the travel.

This is actually going really well. We did the Institute for Excellence in Writing Continuation A this year, but this summer we’re just writing. I require some of the dress ups with our general writing for practice. Monday the kids wrote GOOD thank you notes to their piano teacher (and decorated them), Tuesday they outlined a character analysis. Wednesday was piano, etc… Thursday field day… Friday was travel/field trip day…

I’ve decided the kids are going to write a monthly family newsletter, so they’re working on outlines for articles about recent events. I don’t want to give anything away – so stay tuned!

Field Day-
Thursday was our annual homeschool field day. It was awesome!! There were a million kids doing sack races, sprints, softball toss… It’s old school and a TON of fun. Both kids were thrilled because they won their age divisions in the 50 yard dash. As Little said, “That’s the whole year for me, Mom.” I was proud of their sportsmanship and kindness they showed to new kids and their competition. It was great.

Monday was the spring recital. The kids did really well. Little claimed he messed up his song but to totally didn’t hear any mistakes. They amaze me with their skills. I’m still working on linking up some audio files..

I’ll have more on this later, but we’re traveling…. Today we went to the Erie Canal museum in Syracuse, NY. It was great! We learned a lot to supplement our week on the Erie canal with VP. It was a very small place that we spent about an hour and a half exploring. We read all the plaques, played the interactive game, watched the movie… It was so much more than I expected.

They had a funny display of penny postcards, and these were some of the sentiments on the cards…

There are also some amazing Art Deco buildings throughout downtown Syracuse that I had never noticed, so we did a little tour of those, too.

We also saw our first yarn bomb…

It was an unexpectedly cool day.

It was a week full of fun end-of-the-year events. I’m loving the chance to sneak in a trip to see my family, and do a few fun side field trips. I can’t wait to see what we can manage to get done next week, LOL!!!!


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