Weekly Wrap Up – Friday 5/3/13

Well, school is wrapping up here. We did our annual standardized testing last week so we start to glide downhill. We school year round – with liberal breaks for vacations and camps – so this is our season of slowing down and wrapping up. As is a “some-what-tradition” we did some of our bookwork at Chick-fil-A and ate an unhealthy breakfast on Friday morning.


This year the kids are working through the Veritas Press Self Paced online history course – 1815 to Present. They wrapped up their second to last week – week 29 today. They’ve really enjoyed it and learned a LOT. There are 31 weeks in the class, but we’ll be dropping the last week. I’m ready to move on! We changed our The Hiding Place for a few Horrible History book as well as some assigned “free” reading. Big is working through Huck Finn and Little tore through Tom Sawyer in less than 3 days. That kid kills me!

This week in science the kids are working through the final technology lessons with BJU 6 online science. This has been another HUGE success this year for both me and the kids. They technically have 2 chapters left, but we’ll be doing those next week without the videos.

IMG_2830 IMG_2832

Math is math and we continue to work on! Big is about halfway through Saxon Algebra 1/2 and is doing super with it. Little is working through Horizon 6… The math is absolutely no issue – but we’re continuing to tweak how to get him to write neater. It drives me nuts when problems are wrong because they can’t read their own writing…. Or if they can’t check their work and find errors… For about a week now he’s not been allowed to write in the workbook, but instead has had to rewrite the problems in a wire bound notebook that has graph paper in it to help him line everything up and work on keeping his problems neater. It’s helping, but the boxes are still a little small (he’s young for his age so the font isn’t super age-appropriate for him). We’ve also tried notebook paper turned sideways and that seems to help a little. I’ve also printed some “math paper” from online but the boxes were either HUGE or the same as the notebook. We’re also working on lining multiplication up to the right, and long division to the left – but that’s a lot to remember.

I know that this is a HUGE point I have to make and a hill I have to die on right now, but it’s so awful. “Do it again.” “Neater.” “I can’t read this.” I know it’s even more frustrating for him than it is for me, but I cannot relent on this one. He’s not far from Saxon Algebra 1/2 and then it’s all transposed. I will NOT write his work for him (meaning copy them from the workbook into his notebook for him and then let him do the work from there). He’s in 6th grade math – he can do it himself.  I will NOT allow him to scribble his work on a white board. He needs to learn this and I need to stand strong – encouragingly and kindly – but math must be legible and easy to read. I know we can do this – I just want to be kind and helpful in the process.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

Do you have experience with helping young students write neater for long math problems? I’d love tips!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – Friday 5/3/13

  1. Fried clams? Sweet tea? Where have you been? LOL I’ve never visited over here before! I’ve always wanted to grab the kids and books and head somewhere for breakfast and studying. We don’t have places like Chick-fil-a though. McDonald’s just doesn’t seem “the place”…although they do have that sweet tea. 😉 And you like the Horrible History books? I have them on my list for the kids. Honestly, with my oldest, I don’t normally worry about his Math “neatness”. I just look at the answers. I suppose I should, but HE seems to understand HIS “neatness” and gets mostly 95%+ grades.

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