Isn’t it Friday, yet?

Today I am cramming. Roundtable is tonight and Cub Scout Day Camp is in a month. I’m totally stressed out. I think it will be fine. Boys will shoot arrows, make crafts, run around. It will be fun. But I am a logistics person so I stress…

Our theme is Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. My guest speaker draft list is this:

  • Monday – EcoCar team from the local university
  • Tuesday – Local police coming with a car, presentation, and child ID program
  • Wednesday -Wildlife guy from local university – Eagle scout – great guy and kids loved him last year
  • Thursday – Rocketry afternoon (2 hours)
  • Friday – HUGE campfire

I know, some of the speakers are totally unrelated to “theme”. I hate themes, but that’s irrelevant. The one (wildlife) is such an amazing mentor and encourager to the boys we’d be crazy not to invite him. This year we’ll be doing “scout skills” so by Friday the kids will be ready for songs, skits, flag ceremonies, etc. I’m really excited about going old school with some of our stations, and I think the campfire and kid’s participation will be a great addition to the camp.

Next week’s work list –

  • Get the shirts done and to the printer….
  • Order craft stuff…
  • Finalize speakers…
  • Get a training date set…
  • Recruit some Boy Scouts…
  • Reserve dunk tank…

So that’s it. The list for this week. I am WAY more relaxed as a Day Camp Director this year than last, but last year was so fabulous I don’t want to drop the ball!!

Keep it simple. Make it fun.


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